Huasquila Lodge – Pure Adrenaline 4 Days

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Huasquila Lodge – Pure Adrenaline 4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS

Huasquila Amazon Lodge is your door to Ecuador´s Amazon! This Exclusive Ecotourism complex of bungalows is located in the Sacred Valley of Cotundo within the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, where the Eastern Slope of the Andes ends and the Amazon basin begins. This unique location allows us to offer different activities from jungle hikes to caving or discovery millenarian culture of the indigenous people though its art expressions. Do to a specific types of bat that eat insects. There are not mosquito in Huasquila. So you do not have to fear yellow fever or malaria.

If you are thinking about a place that can offer relaxation, nature, culture and adventure at the same time then we are just right for you. We offer selected activities like jungle hikes, cave, petroglyphs, animal center, waterfalls, rivers, rafting or visiting indigenous communities
Let us welcome you in Huasquila and make your stay unforgettable

$460 per person (2 -3 pax), $440 per person (4 or more),
  • Welcome cocktail
  • All tours specified in program
  • Accommodation (based on double occupancy)
  • All meals described in program (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Purified water at all time
  • All entrance fees to tours
  • English speaking guide on tours
  • Rubber boots
  • 22% tax (10% service and 12% VAT)
  • up to size 44
Not Included
  • Bar (alcoholic and nonalcoholic)

Day 1

Arrival at around 13 pm. Briefing and lunch. At 15 pm we will start our activities. We will be taken to the “Jumandy Caves”, one of the most outstanding attractions of the Napo Province. Here you will be able to swim through a cave, submerge yourself in water holes, learn about how the indigenous warriors “Jumandy” hid himself and his tribe for months from the Spanish conquerors that were in search of “El Dorado”. Stalagmites and Stalactites, as well as bats and scorpions are part of this unique adventure. Back at the lodge, you can relax in our “hot tub” and enjoy the first sunset. Dinner.

Day 2

After breakfast we will take you to the close by community “Mondayacu”, where a native guide will be expecting you to take you on one of the most exciting walk through the jungle until you reach the fascinating “Grand Canyon”. This place is surrounded by rocks, waterfalls, trees and caves. The Ñachi River is the name of the river that runs through the canyon. Its Kichwa name, “Ñachi”, comes from the type of fish found in the river. Here you’ll be able to observe birds that perch in the different spots in the caves, in the canyon and the great variety of plants and trees.
From here you’ll go upriver through an enormous cave to reach a deep lagoon. You can jump into the lagoon from a ledge 10 meters high and see the Jondachi River, just a few minutes from the canyon. The entire trip makes for an unforgettable experience. Afterwards, we will return along the same path and stop at a Kichwa family home. You will take a packed lunch with you.
Back at the lodge, you can relax in our “hot tub”and enjoy the first sunset. Dinner.

Day 3

After breakfast you will be taken to the city of Tena (aprox. 25 min drive). We will drive you deep into the jungle at Cando.
There you will be equipped with a life jacket, helmet, and paddle, and on rare cold days a splash jacket. Fully equipped, your guide will take you through all the safety briefings, including some fun, but serious, role playing.

Then, it’s time to get into the “Jatunyacu” river, a majestic stretch of water that is just perfect for beginners, with wide open spaces and large waves. But it’s also fun for more experienced adventurers, thanks to large volume rapids.

Go downriver through a beautiful landscape, mastering outstanding rapids, and experiencing the adrenaline rush of the white water. A delicious lunch will be served on the river bank, while at the end of your rafting adventure; you’ll be refreshed with complimentary cold beverages.
A safety Kayaker will always make sure you are safe, even if you fall into the river!

Day 4

After breakfast we will make our jungle hike at the Huasquila grounds. In the hike we will try some lemon ants, watch flora and fauna (If we are lucky we will see one of the many arazari toucans that inhabit Huasquila), possible visit to another natural cave where we will see bats and some interesting insects and a beautiful waterfall with the possibility to search for million year old fossils! And Early lunch

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