Do you like your rafting thoroughly exhilarating?

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Rafting adventure

Rafting in the Amazon Rivers
3 Days         $—

The Quijos is set to become Ecuador’s premier whitewater trip

Upano River

Upano River 5 Day From $749

A journey down the Río Upano is a very special experience

Rafting waterfall adventure

Jondachi River 1 Day         $74

The Jondachi trip is the complete jungle adventure experience

Rafting Ecuador

Considered one of South America ́s ultimate rafting trips!! Magical and unlike any other river

Quijos River

Quijos River 1 Day            $97

The Quijos is Ecuador’s premier whitewater trip

River rafting

Quijos River 2 Days            $319

These trips are for experienced rafters or adventurous first-timers that are confident swimmers.